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Pillar 1 Partners: Lifting Local Voices

These partners uplift the often unheard voices of Central Valley communities and offer JBMF insights into the powerful impact of deeply embedded local community-driven journalism. In strong partnership with community foundations and nonprofits, we are honored to support:

    • Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF)
      • In strategic alignment with the First Amendment Legacy grants, FPF is a key stakeholder in national First Amendment protection and the only U.S. source that exists to track press freedom violations through the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker. This year has seen an unprecedented attack on journalists.


First Amendment protections on free speech, expression, and a free press.

First Amendment


In its exploratory phase to embark on a major First Amendment strategy, the James B. McClatchy Foundation launched the LIFT Initiative as a grant making pilot to advance awareness of and engagement with the First Amendment as it relates to free speech, freedom of expression, and a free press in Central Valley communities.

Through a listening journey with communities, we partner with Central Valley organizations to uncover the core support needed to engage in First Amendment freedoms and sustain a vibrant civic life. What surfaced is a vivid civic engagement ecosystem of connected partners ranging from community organizers, civic educators and journalists to First Amendment advocates. Collectively, they create a blueprint for how to successfully uplift the First Amendment in the Central Valley. As the LIFT pilot evolves into a longer-term strategy, we embrace opportunities to safeguard local news and amplify community voices that represent the future of the Central Valley.

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