Brilliant Futures

Building brilliant futures in California’s Central Valley through support for English Learners and First Amendment protections of free speech, freedom of expression, and a free press.

The Central Valley

James B. McClatchy was born in Fresno, California, and moved to Sacramento to be a part of the corporate headquarters for the family of Bee newspapers. This cemented a life-long love for the area, land, culture, and people, and understandably forms the basis of place for The James B. McClatchy Foundation.

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The James B. McClatchy Foundation is dedicated to providing English Learners in the Central Valley with quality educational opportunities and programming. Our current focus is on Dual Language Learners and Pre-K. Our four key priority areas include: developing leadership, building educator capacity, engaging English Learner families, and using data.

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First Amendment

The James B. McClatchy Foundation's First Amendment focus is dedicated to the awareness of — and engagement with the First Amendment freedoms— by fostering inclusive collaborations with Central Valley organizations addressing real world issues for under-served communities of the region.

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Our Mission Statement

We stand with the people of the Central Valley by investing in education and active civic participation in our democracy. 

The goal for humankind and this nation is a society of perfect justice… for more than 200 years, American democracy has worked towards this goal, wrestling with momentous issues and strains, both internally and in the world at large. It has not only survived but it has been the beacon of hope for the world.

James B. McClatchy, Founder, 1984