Supporting the Hopes and Dreams of California’s Central Valley

Our Purpose

James B. McClatchy’s dream was to build a greater California Central Valley. In honor of his vision, we have taken significant steps toward anchoring ourselves within the community and investing in the people and infrastructure of the Central Valley to provide a better future for generations to come.

The Sunrise Plan: A Spend Down by 2030

We are committing all of our resources toward building a strong, self-sustaining infrastructure that supports, fosters and invests in initiatives that create lasting change. Together, we can build a Central Valley where our communities can confidently engage democracy and have greater agency in decision-making.


The absence of a vibrant philanthropic network in the Central Valley is deeply felt. Philanthropy, government, and local institutions must do more. The JBMF is working to fill this gap through innovative investment as part of our strategic grantmaking in a region that has historically been underinvested in, we must take the time to understand the challenges communities face and respond to a better vision of the Central Valley. Learn more about our rapid response grantmaking by reading the press release for the "All-in for Central Valley Democracy Fund."

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Our Mission Statement

We stand with the people of the Central Valley by investing in education and active civic participation in our democracy.

The goal for humankind and this nation is a society of perfect justice… for more than 200 years, American democracy has worked towards this goal, wrestling with momentous issues and strains, both internally and in the world at large. It has not only survived but it has been the beacon of hope for the world.