Central Valley
Journalism Collaborative

Introducing a sustainable model to restore Central Valley local journalism through the support of investors, partners, and existing media to reimagine the core value of journalism in the Central Valley: its ability to serve as the voice of communities and sustainability through the communities being served.

The launch of the Central Valley Journalism Collaborative (CVJC) in 2021 marked a pivotal moment for the James B. McClatchy Foundation. For the first time in the Central Valley, philanthropy and community ownership come together to knit a dynamic and diverse news ecosystem that keeps independent local journalism alive, made for, by, and with the people who live here. Our goal is to protect the many vulnerable communities already impacted by the rapid decline of independent news in the Central Valley, brought on by both monopolizing bottom-line ownership and the rise of news deserts that foster mis/disinformation and threaten democracy and civic engagement for all of us. The Foundation believes in a vibrant local free press in which news writing and coverage reflect core values of equity and inclusion and do no harm. Join us on this journey.

Priscilla Enriquez

Chief Executive Officer

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The Start of CVJC

The James B. McClatchy Foundation conducted a study called the Feasibility Report on Developing a Central Valley Journalism Collaborative. This served as the catalyst for the CVJC.

CVJC Leadership

Michelle Morgante
Editor In Chief

CVJC’s editor-in-chief, Michelle Morgante, is a seasoned journalist and a native of the San Joaquin Valley. She grew up in Lindsay, California, before launching a global journalism career, working for major media outlets including Time Magazine and The Associated Press.