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Anna Harrison

Office Manager

She • Her • Hers​


Anna provides administrative support to the James B. McClatchy Foundation. She is a native Californian and has worked in the nonprofit community in Sacramento since 2019.

Anna manages daily operations and ensures that things run smoothly internally for the team. She does everything from greeting guests, sending emails, overseeing supplies, juggling schedules, creating marketing materials, planning events and supporting various projects across the organization.

Prior to JBMF, Anna spent 15 years as an administrative assistant to the principal of an elementary school. In this role, she witnessed firsthand the struggles dual language families faced trying to get a quality education for their children.

As a mother and now as a grandmother — Anna feels deeply for families just doing their best to survive. Transitioning into the philanthropy sector was a natural progression in her career and she is thankful for the opportunity to support change in her community.

Bringing people together to work for a common cause…feeds the soul.

Giving by example

Everyone should have a career where they make a difference.

For me, working in philanthropy allows me to feed my soul while also providing for my family. It truly is the best of both worlds. I love bringing people together to work for a common cause. And it brings me great joy being able to support my team, so that they in turn can go out to support others.

Many don’t realize that being on the administrative side of things is very much a nurturing role. I help where it is most needed and those qualities transition effortless between being a mother to being JBMF’s Office Manager. This value of giving has been instilled in me all my life and I want to lead by example through my actions.

Giving back to the community has always been a priority for me and my family. The most valuable way we give is also the most personal — by giving our time. In the past, we’ve fed the homeless by cooking at the Gathering Inn, a shelter and sanctuary for people in need in Placer County. We’ve also spent time supporting one of the most vulnerable populations, senior citizens, who are often the most lonely and overlooked in society.

I truly believe in sharing life’s blessings, and hope my children continue that legacy forward with their own families.

On a personal note

Cooking is a favorite past-time of mine. I am particularly interested in learning new recipes that balance both taste and nutrition. My favorite chef is Ina Garten, and I like to treat my family to one of her recipes on Sunday nights.

Hiking, gardening and reading are also big hobbies of mine. But my biggest passion of all is also my newest one—being a grandmother to a beautiful grandson.

Family is everything to me and am grateful to have a life centered around them. We have a family tradition that I look forward to every single year. For the past 37 years, my mom has hosted “The Spaghetti Dinner Night Sleepover.” It started as a night when she and my dad would babysit the grandkids so the parents could go holiday shopping but it has grown into a cherished tradition full of love and laughter.

This evening consists of our patriarch, amma (mother), their seven children with their spouses and 32 grandchildren, and 8 great- grandchildren. We are treated to a talent show performed by the grandchildren and an incredible dinner featuring her secret pasta sauce — all us decked out in matching pajamas to boot.